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2020-01-17 19:16

Especially if you throw in a few cocktails, and especially if one of said cocktails was designed by the crazy talented Tom Walker of the American Bar at The Savoy! Following on from our epic evening with Monkey Shoulder whisky last year, the night themed around Toms cocktail: the popcorn flip returned. One metric tonne of popcorn.What is Monkey Shoulder? Discover a blended malt whisky that was born to challenge convention and change the way that people think about and drink Scotch. monkey shoulder popcorn flip

Sep 02, 2012  I went to the Popcorn Flip on Friday. I am so impressed by the nights Monkey Shoulder thinks up. It was a lot of fun and they were not shy with doling out the alcohol. I think Im busy all the other nights theyre doing this otherwise Id love to try another one. Reply

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The Monkey Shoulder DIY Drinks Kitchen will be on hand to teach you the tricks of the trade and immerse you in the art of cocktail making. Each ticket includes three cocktails made by Londons finest bartenders, from Old fashioneds to Brewskies to the Popcorn Flip itself!

Guest Post After an incredible night at Monkey Shoulder's Malt Jockey event back in March, I was devastated when I realised that I couldn't make it along to their Popcorn Flip event a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I begrudgingly sent along Team List regular Tim and his brother Matt to cover the event:

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Monkey Shoulder Flipping popcorn fun Monkey Shoulder has always been an interesting whisky for me, one of the few rare blended malt whiskys in the world, three malt whiskys blended from the world renown Glenfiddich, prestige Balvenie and single malt from the Kininvie distillery.

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